Forest Truck 0 – Introduction

If you love something enough, then you’ll want to share it.

I first realized this long before a share button was a staple of the web and ‘social media’ was a valid and resume-approved skill (and one I don’t have). My formative years with cars were in relative isolation and I was surrounded by either tolerant and bemused non-enthusiasts or other gearheads who were happy to share and teach. When I started to dip my toes into the broader world of the hobby I found those people – those who use their knowledge, experience, or vehicles to feel superior to others. To be derisive and elitist instead of open and encouraging. I had a disquieting awakening that we’ve all had to accept as an unavoidable component of the car enthusiast sphere. Any hobby with the broad cool factor to be considered a status symbol is so afflicted and it’s a damn shame. But now, with the rise of social media, the action ‘to share’ has another dimension and so does that truism.

Due perhaps to a vestige of New England reticence I can’t help but balk at even a whiff of calling for undue attention. This reservedness is often at odds with social media and using platforms for broadwave broadcast instead of interpersonal communication. For better or for worse, I need to justify the way I use these technologies to myself. To reassure my inner Luddite that I’m not seeking affirmation through attention but instead have a constructive drive to share and engage.

Yet you read these words on a website designed for just that so it’s evident that I placated my old-fashioned quirk. The added dimension that my little axiom developed is that it should apply to the share button as well as a shared piece of advice around a parts store counter or an encouraging explanation to a fledgling enthusiast at a car show. This is what drove me to write my project car guide: to bring as many interested people into the hobby as I could. It encourages me to maintain an Instagram account with slices of the #shoplife and neat cars that others may enjoy. And I’m inspired and awed by the many people and entities who have shared so much more than I could ever hope with the sphere of our hobby and the greater world.

Now that maxim drives me to take steps onto YouTube as well. Many friends correctly assessed that filming would steal shop time and dilute the ‘purity’ (for lack of a more nauseating cliché) of working through a vehicle build naturally. They weren’t wrong. Yet my passion for what I do overflows so much that I must try to foist it on my world so this experiment plunges ahead. I hope you draw half as much enjoyment from these videos as the serenity I get from making them.

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