About Merriman Industries

This website is my personal blog and repository, not an actual company!

Xander M. Cesari


Welcome! I’m a mechanical engineer, car and motorcycle enthusiast, and vintage tool nerd. I grew up in rural VT, where I cut my teeth wrenching on a 1972 Plymouth Duster in the driveway. Like a moth to a flame, I followed this passion to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and graduated in 2014 with a mechanical engineering degree. While there I focused on leading the engine and drivetrain group of the Formula SAE team as well as diesel engine combustion research.

Upon graduation, I moved to the greater Detroit area to consummate my love of the automobile by joining the industry. Since then I’ve been able to focus on my personal automotive pursuits as well as expand my engineering experience and skills with a series of projects. My collection of vintage Craftsman power tools and love for the industrial visual aesthetics of the early 20th century joined with my long-standing promise to start a blog and the idea of Merriman Industries was born…

Merriman Industries

Merriman is an imaginary American company, founded in the heat of the industrial revolution and remaining at the forefront of a variety of industries through the modern day. Its origins and R&D facilities were born in the Connecticut River valley and precision manufacturing centers of New England but a move to the industrial region of the Midwest was inevitable. Current headquarters are in the Detroit area, though Merriman Industries maintains interests throughout the nation.