Author: Xander


Vermont is for (Saab) Lovers: Boost and Foliage

My first Saab 900 was the best gamble I’ve made on a car (yet). Entering my senior year of college I was still using my 1983 Alfa GTV6 as a daily driver. I had...


OSCA 1600 GT Zagato: The Last True Maserati

The romanticism of Italian sports cars has permeated through the world with a religious fervor. Both auto enthusiasts and laymen are beguiled by the sights, sounds, and exploits of the marques and models from...


Autobiography of an Automotive Beater: Origins

I won the proverbial jackpot twice: my life has been defined by a driving passion for cars and I discovered them early. Because of this twofold good fortune each life choice is intuitive and...