• added CJ5 mention under CJ7, suggested by /u/WNW3
  • added Volvo 240, my own suggestion
  • added price correlation to 15 score, suggested by /u/HE_WHO_IS_BORED.
  • added some more subjects to ask about while purchasing, namely spare parts and documentation.
  • added bring cash in how to buy section.
  • begrudgingly added Subaru Impreza, suggested by /u/tanglon
  • added Herby aka Beetle to Euro section and added Baja bug mention to off roading suggestion per /u/Qurtys_Lyn
  • added Nissan 240SX per suggestion de /u/gym3fiesta


  • added Toyota FJ60 and FJ40 per insistent request from /u/Cwlaxx and a second from /u/Reqel
  • added details about renting trailers and dollies
  • added Mercedes W115 and W123 to Euro section
  • changed Porsche 944 section to reflect the undesirability of the 924, per /u/meeblek
  • added GM F-bodies to muscle car section
  • added Honda Civic to hot hatch section, per /u/TheSherbs suggestion


  • added Ford Focus to hot hatch, suggested by /u/lmfoley79 over on the /r/cars thread. Also added note about Falcon/Mustang parts exchange based on his suggestion.
  • added Ford Panther platform to muscle cars. Seriously, how did no one point out this omission to me? Step it up reddit.
  • added Merkur XR4Ti to Euro section. Where the hell else was I gonna put it?
  • added Alfa Romeo 164 to Euro section
  • added Ford Taurus SHO to muscle car section. Not sure about the classification, feel free to PM me your thoughts.
  • totally revamped the inspection process with a more point-by-point format and more about what repairs you’ll want to do.
  • added a nice long subsection on what to look for in a listing
  • added mention of other large Mercedes (W116 and W111 in particular) to W114/115 listing per /u/zipper1221.


  • added Lotus Elise spare engine Toyota Celica belatedly, per /u/cinadel’s suggestion.


  • made major changes to the Get Wrenching section.


  • Added a tools subsection to the Get Wrenching section (finally)
  • Updated all the dead links in this section


  • Revamped the tool section.
  • Added a custom car section.


  • Moved list over to!
  • Made a number of phrasing and format changes to accomodate move
  • Added Toyota Tacoma/4Runner
  • Added Jeep Cherokee
  • Modified Mustang section to lump Fox and 4th gen together


  • Continued to tweak wording throughout
  • Added ‘Not Cars’ section